14 Back to School Organization Tips to Simplify Your Life

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It’s time to start thinking about organizing for the busy school season ahead and prepping for new routines & schedules!

It may not be the back to school season we are used to, but whatever it may look like for you, it can still be an amazing time to document your kids during this pandemic-stye back to school season!

For the kids, it can be a tough transition to move from the unstructured days of summer, so I have gathered 14 back to school organizing tips & ideas to help you during this time.

And if your household is anything like mine, I need all the help I can get to bring some order to my household! Hopefully these tips will help you, too!

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Get those school papers organized and contained by choosing containers for collecting this year’s school work & art projects.

Once the containers are full, go through the papers and artwork together with your kids and select and keep only the best examples and the things that mean the most to your kids and yourself.

We store these papers in their school memory box, and the ones that don’t make the final cut are either recycled or gifted to family after taking photos of them.

Consider making a digital photo book of their artwork - what a great keepsake that would be! Grab a FREE 8 x 8 photo book from Shutterfly!

One of the things I love to do is display my kids’ artwork and projects on our kitchen walls and/or the large cork board in the playroom and change them often when new artwork or projects come home. It makes the kids feel special and I love looking at their work!
Homework Craft Station for Kids with Kids Artwork Displayed
There are so many ways to display and store your kids’ artwork!


It is important to designate a space for your kids to work on their homework. Think about where it makes most sense for you and your kids.

Will the kids be doing homework in their room? If so, make sure they have an uncluttered desk area and school supplies at hand.

Little ones may want to do their homework in the kitchen where you can keep an eye on them while making dinner and help them if needed, so be sure they have easy access to their school supplies.

We love using a caddy so they have everything they need at their fingertips, but a rolling cart would be handy, too!

Having a place to organize and store extra school supplies will help out a lot and you are sure to never run out of supplies. We also use a set of plastic drawers in the cupboard to keep lined paper, graph paper, and plain paper where the kids can easily grab what they need.


Having an organized entryway will help keep all of the clutter that kids come with at bay.

Have a special spot to hang jackets and backpacks, store umbrellas, boots, and shoes plus any other gear they will need on the go.

We have lots of hooks in our entryway as well as baskets for each person in the house to store seasonal items.

Organized Entryway Using Baskets


My son especially loves the clothing “pods” we make for him, which include pants, shirt, undies & socks rolled together into one “pod.”

We pick out his clothes for the upcoming week on Sunday and store them in a hanging shoe organizer in his closet, which makes it so easy for him to get dressed in the morning.

These ones are great:


We love our school command center and have it set up in the hub of the home, the kitchen. This helps everyone keep track of weekly events, chores, and all the paper that comes home from school, etc.

This is also where we chose to hang the backpacks as the kids empty their backpacks of lunch kits & containers, homework, important papers, etc., in the kitchen so it’s not out of sight out of mind!

Our command center includes:
Clip important papers such as field trip forms, school bell schedule, fun lunch dates, class schedules, or chore/routine charts.

Just recently I have chosen to keep the “reference” papers (school calendar, bell schedule, class schedule, etc.) into our Household Binder so there is less clutter.

I now just clip the “actionable” papers to the board that require immediate action.

The white board is great to quickly scribble notes or reminders. We added a weekly calendar using washi tape and helps keep track of anything school related during the week (library day, tutor appointments, etc.).

Row of hooks for backpacks
• File holder for papers that come in from school separated by:
    ○ Immediate action required (if not clipped to the board)
    ○ Homework (each child has their own file holder)
    ○ Memorabilia to be stored in their school memory box


Adjusting to a back to school bedtime can be difficult, so ease into it by starting bedtime 15 minutes earlier each night until they are back to their regular school year bedtime.

Creating a bedtime routine chart could be an option to help them get back into the swing of things.


Labeling school items is important and we love Mabels Labels and My Label Factory (for those of you in Canada)! Alternately, you can make your own labels.


Having a list of easy lunch ideas is crucial to helping you get through the hustle and bustle of those busy school mornings! Be sure to stock up on your child's favorite snacks and lunch items.

Planning lunches and prepping them in advance will save you so much time in the mornings! Try prepping school lunches on Sundays for the week ahead.

I have a great post to help you create healthy back to school lunch ideas for kids! And don’t forget to add these adorable lunch box notes to make your little one feel special!

School Lunch Ideas for Kids free printables


Over the years I have cherished the tradition of taking pictures of my kids and capturing the memory of their first day of school each year.

It is a special time for them and I love to look back and see how much they have changed over the years.

What I love to do that makes the photos even more precious is print out first day of school signs for them to hold!

The kids really like the signs and have a lot of fun with them! It’s also a great way to remember which grade they were going in when looking back at the photos years from now.

I had fun designing some first day of school printable signs so you can capture the special first day of school moments with your kids, too!

Back to School Photo of Kids Holding First Day of School Signs

First Day of School Photo Signs and School Memory Pages

When running around to extracurricular activities and appointments, keeping the backseat of the van clean and organized can be a challenge with kids!

These super handy backseat car organizers will save your sanity and are perfect for keeping items corralled!

And a portable car vacuum cleaner is definitely on my wishlist!


We all know kids love their snacks, my kids are no exception, so why not create a kid-friendly after-school snack zone in the kitchen where they can help themselves?

Use a section in your cabinet, pantry, and/or fridge that’s easy for the little ones to reach and keep it stocked with their favourite healthy snacks.

Kids Snack Ideas


It’s easy to let routines and systems slide during summer but you can support the success of back to school by creating routines and systems which will make the household run a lot smoother.

What routines and systems do you want to have in place? Do you need to establish a routine for homework? What about screen time boundaries? Do you need to start implementing chores?

Charts are a fantastic way to help! These can include:

○ Morning routine chart
○ After school routine chart
○ Evening/bedtime chart


Create a system then use this planner to keep you organized and on track including weekly planning lists, daily to-dos, evening routines and more!

Spend some time with your planner to add important dates, school events and breaks, as well as any after-school activities.

Planning your tasks in advance and prioritizing them helps to stay focused throughout the day and you will get a lot more done!


Set aside some time to sort through old school papers and art projects from last year. See tip #1 on how I sort and organize these papers.

• Purge old school supplies and make a shopping list for new items you need. I like to stock up on school supplies during the back to school sales!

• Make way for new back to school shopping by going through your kids’ clothing and footwear. Have them choose their favourites and declutter clothes and footwear that no longer fit, are worn out, or that the child just no longer wears.

If you have hand-me-downs, bring those out and go through them to see if any will now fit.

• Other items you may need to replace or have clean and ready include backpacks, lunchboxes and containers, and water bottles for each child (we love these kind).

Declutter summer items out of your vehicle and give it a good clean.

Clean and tidy up your kitchen cupboards/pantry/fridge and organize the lunch and snack items so they are in one place.

That’s it! I hope you can use these back to school organization tips & ideas to help make your school year fun and easy!

Tell me, are the schools in your area opening for students this year?

I have a FREE Back to School Organization Checklist just for you! Grab it now and get organized for the Back to School season!

Back to School Organization Tips Printable Checklist

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