DIY Evergreen Christmas Candle Centrepiece
I like to give my Mum a Christmas Candle Centrepiece for her December birthday and since the local florist where I used to go has closed, I decided to try and make it myself. I have always wanted to try and make one, so I figured this was the perfect opportunity!
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DIY Evergreen Christmas Candle Centrepiece
It is actually a bit larger than anticipated, but I love the way it turned out and it was so much fun creating! The recipient loved it, too!

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Most of my supplies I had on hand or purchased from the local dollar store, which helped keep down the cost.

If you are feeling ambitious and crafty and looking for that extra something to decorate your table with this holiday season or perhaps looking for a last minute gift idea, consider making one of these evergreen Christmas candle centrepieces! I have even made up a tutorial for you!

DIY Evergreen Christmas Centerpiece Tutorial

DIY Evergreen Christmas Candle Centrepiece

(not all supplies shown)

  • Greenery (I used cedar, fir & boxwood)
  • Branches (I used dwarf dogwood branches)
  • Wet floral foam
  • Container
  • Green floral sticks or bamboo skewers
  • Floral wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Garden clippers
  • 2 candles
  • Anchor tape (I used what I had on hand, which was painters tape and floral tape!)
  • Wired ribbon
  • Christmas baubles (I used both small & mini sizes)
  • Pinecones

1. Cut foam with a knife into the desired shape. I rounded out my floral foam edges and corners. Soak the foam in water for a few minutes until it sinks, make sure not to push the foam down.

2. Place the foam into a container. I couldn't find any containers that were specifically for use with the floral foam, but I did find trays at the dollar store which worked well. I would recommend using the anchor tape to secure the foam to the container (tape it to the side of the container and around the top of the foam to the other side), but I didn't have any on hand so I just left it.

3. Add a piece of cedar to both ends of the foam, making sure they are the same length. This determines the length of the centrepiece.  Add more cedar to the sides to create the oblong shape of the centerpiece then continue adding more cedar to the top.

4. Now you can start adding in the pine. Place the pine between the cedar pieces. Continue adding cedar and pine until the centrepiece is looking full.

5. Use the boxwood pieces to fill in the spaces.

6. Add candles. I added 2 candles to my centrepiece. Place anchor tape sticky side up, place 3 short pieces of green floral sticks (or bamboo skewers) on top of the tape and roll onto the bottom of the candles. Add more tape to secure. Push them down into the foam in the centre of the foam.

7. Next add the pinecones. We painted them with white paint for a snow look. Wrap wire around the bottom of the pinecone & twist onto a green stick or bamboo skewer. I added 2 on either side of the candles.

8. A centrepiece is not complete without some beautiful ribbon, so I added some wired tartan ribbon. Make 6 ribbon loops and wrap around bamboo skewer with wire. Attach to foam making sure the ribbon does not touch the wet foam or the ribbon will get soaked with water.

I attached one loop on the front and back of the centrepiece and 2 per side; then I wrapped ribbon tails around a bamboo skewer with wire and attached it between the 2 ribbon loops on both sides (see photo) to resemble a bow. Add as many ribbon loops and tails as you'd like.

9. Attach 2 small Christmas baubles to wire, wrap it around a wooden skewer, and add them to the middle front and back of the centrepiece just below and between the candles. Using the same technique, I a clusters of 3 mini Christmas baubles beside the candles on both sides.

10. To really add some height to the centrepiece, I added branches to the back of the centrepiece cut from our dwarf dogwood tree in the garden. I love how it adds the perfect touch to this Christmas evergreen centrepiece!

11. To make it even more full, I added some white flowers throughout. Just cut and gently press into the foam.

DIY Evergreen Christmas Candle Centrepiece

Be sure to water regularly!

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