Last week I posted some great gift ideas for 12-year-old tween girls, this week I put together a gift list for those with toddlers in their lives!  Again, there are so many options out there, but here are some favorites of ours and ideas I came up with for my own toddler (who will be turning 3 in January)!

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13 Gift Ideas for Toddlers

1. Spring Horse - We purchased ours from ToysRUs
5. Duplo Lego - There are so many kits available.  This huge box looks like fun and this train one, too!
6. Melissa & Doug Birthday Party Cake Set - Our kids just LOVE this set!
7. Hot Wheels Car Hauler - I found a good deal at Canadian Tire!
13. Batter-Operated Puzzle Vehicle Set - We found a similar set on our recent trip to Vancouver. I'm sure you could find one at a specialty store or even eBay has a few right now.

As you can tell, Melissa & Doug are favorites in this house! I often find some deals on Melissa & Doug toys at Winners and HomeSense (during the Christmas season).

I hope I was able to provide you with some great gift ideas for your toddler! Please let me know in the comments what you plan on getting your toddler this year?

I also have 20 ideas on gifts to give 12-year-old tween girls! Check out the post here.

20 Gift Ideas for 12-Year-Old Tween Girls

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