For the last couple of years, I have had the kids fill out a New Year in Review Interview.  It's been fun, and I love looking back at it every year.

Since they are a bit older this year, we will have a special celebration after dinner with special dessert, drinks, and games.  I even bought a few party supplies as well to make it even more special for the kids.  This will be a perfect time to bring out the Year in Review Interview for them!  (I may even go so far as to video them filling it out!)

This year, I made my own printable!
Add a small photo of your child to make it even more fun!  Feel free to download my 2013/2014 Kid's New Year in Review Interview Printable for your own personal use.

Do you have a special celebration planned to bring in 2014?  If you have small children, what sort of fun celebration, if any, do you have planned?

This year I'll be just over 8 months pregnant, so I may actually be tucked cozy in my bed when midnight strikes!!

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!

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