French Pink Poodle Paris 8th Birthday Art Party!! DON'T DELETE FWRD

Eight years ago this past Sunday, my gorgeous, wonderful daughter, Ella, was born!
For her 8th birthday, she chose a French Pink Poodle theme; and the lucky girl actually had three celebrations!!  (See her 2nd celebration here & her 3rd celebration here.)

I started off by scouring etsy for invitations with a french pink poodle paris theme.  I found some great invitations, but my dear daughter informed me that she wanted to draw her own invitations!  I admit that I was hesitant at first as I wasn't sure how I could incorporate her drawing into an invitation, but I just loved her drawing and knew we had to use it!  I mean a pink poodle painting the eiffel tower??  How cute is that?!

So with her drawing in hand, I researched more ideas and decided to go with a postcard theme.  I came across these adorable Chic Poodle in Paris printable paper designs and matching I Love Paris patterned papers from pixelpaperprints on etsy, and knew they would be perfect for what I had envisioned.  And considering my limited knowledge of using these digital elements in Photoshop, I just loved how they turned out!

Her first celebration was with all of her friends at a local art studio where they each painted a scene on canvas.  The girls chose to paint the eiffel tower (Ella incorporated a pink felt poodle, of course!), and the boys chose to paint an owl, complete with feathers!  They all turned out fabulous! The kids had such a great time and had a nice piece of artwork to take home!

I found some wonderful inspiration all over the internet (check out my pinboard on Pinterest for all things French Pink Poodle!)  The wonderful paper city paris scene was from Made by Joel, he has some amazing city scene printables - all free!! And I also used the printables from etsy to make the cupcake toppers.


I came across a tutorial for a rose icing method from Glorious Treats in her How to Frost Cupcakes blog post, and thought I'd give it a try!  It is super easy and love the way it turned out.  I have been making cupcakes and cakes for quite a few years now but there is always room for improvement and I love learning new things; I am glad to have stumbled upon Glory's blog!

And the Pièce de résistance:

Keep an eye out for more blog posts about Ella's 8th birthday celebrations!  Lots more decorating, printables and the menu plan!

UPDATE:  Thanks for following along with me as I shared Ella's French Pink Poodle Paris 8th Birthday Celebrations one, two & three!

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