Father's Day Gift Ideas - Footprint Artwork

Father's Day is coming up so quickly.  And as usual, when a special occasion is coming up I scour the internet including Pinterest looking for great ideas.  Check out my Father's Day Idea Pinboard here.

I finally got my act together the other day and gathered up the children and supplies to create this fun, quick and easy personal gift!  The kids loved getting their feet tickled with the gooey paint!

Father's Day Footprint Gift

First, I typed up the footprint poem in the middle of the page to make sure the footprints would fit. I then printed it onto a white piece of 8.5" x 11" cardstock.

I gathered the rest of the supplies: paint (we chose to use their favorite colors; pink & orange), sponge applicators, paper towels, water (to clean off the feet) and a hard surface for them to place their footprints onto the paper. I chose one of their toy bins, as it is just what I had on hand.

Once the footprints were dry, I then put the paper into a playful blue frame; which will match his office colors if he chooses to hang it there.

And there you have it!

Next up is deciding what to get the teachers for their end-of-year gifts!!  I'd love to hear your ideas!!  I have some ideas on my Pinterest board already, but am looking for more!

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  1. This is so sweet! I bet he loved it :)

    Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my sensory series! It made my day. I hope your kids have some great sensory fun! I'm hosting a linky party on this Friday for everyone to link up their favorite sensory activities (or pics of their kids doing the ones I shared)
    I would love to see you link up!!!

    ♥ Bethany



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