120 Activites for Kids, Toddlers, and Preschoolers

Looking for some fun activities to keep your kids busy? I have three kids that I need to keep busy, so I thought I'd keep a list of activities for kids that I can refer back to when needed!

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I have included links to help you and most of the inspiration comes from Pinterest, of course. Be sure to follow me on Pinterest, here!

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  1. Dice Multiplication Math Game for Kids (with free printable)
  2. Car Parking Color Activity for Toddlers (with free printable)
  3. Have them fill out a Year in Review Interview (with free printable)
  4. DIY Thanksgiving Thankful Tree Canvas Craft
  5. Dice Addition Math Game for Kids (with free printable)
  6. Dice Number Matching Game for Kids (with free printable)
  7. Make a Summer Journal
  8. Rainbow Handprint Crafts
  9. ABC Letter Crafts 
  10. Paper Plate Animals
  11. Paper Plate Aquarium
  12. Leaf Turkey
  13. Handprint or Footprint Turkey
  14. Milk Carton Fairy Houses
  15. Leaf Printing
  16. Paper Snowflakes
  17. Handprint/Footprint Artwork (like these cute butterfly feet crafts)
  18. Corner Bookmarks
  19. Toilet Paper Tube Train
  20. Toilet Paper Tube Owls
  21. Toilet Paper Tube Butterflies
  22. Sock Puppets
  23. Tissue Paper Crafts for Kids
  24. Alphabet Yoga for Kids
  25. 4 Season Button Tree Craft
  26. Small World Play
  27. Tissue Box Monsters
  28. Tissue Box Monster Feet
  29. DIY Slime
  30. Paper Flowers Canvas Art
  31. Make a Dramatic Play Space - store, kitchen, doctor, mail, ice cream store (Little Lifelong Learners has some excellent ideas!)
  32. Build an Outdoor Fairy Garden
  33. Make Your Own Neighborhood Playmat (like this one or this one on Etsy)
  34. Balloon Ping-Pong
  35. Rock Painting
  36. Story Stones
  37. DIY Shape Matching Game
  38. Color Sorting
  39. Color Matching - try out a nature color hunt!
  40. Sensory Bins - No Time For Flashcards has terrific ideas!
  41. Sound Surprises Game (for early readers)
  42. Lock & Keys (co-ordination/fine motor skills)
  43. DIY Sensory Bottles
  44. DIY Galaxy Jars (these look super fun!)
  45. Drawing (house, people, shapes...) - so fun to draw on a white board, chalkboard, or this cool light board!
  46. DIY Popsicle Stick Picture Frame
  47. Puzzles
  48. Magnet Fun
  49. Listen to Music/Sing/Dance (we love these songs & these ones!)
  50. Play with Musical Instruments
  51. Walking & Exploring Around the Neighborhood/Geocaching
  52. Decorate and Play in a Large Refrigerator Box
  53. Build a Fort
  54. Printable Worksheets
  55. Cardboard Box Play (make a boat, plane, rocket ship...) - check here & here for inspiration
  56. Sand & Water Table (items can include: water creatures, colored water, bubbles, small rocks, coral, shells, cups, funnels, water wheel, sponges...)
  57. Build with LEGO
  58. Make Paper Airplanes
  59. Building with Large Foam Blocks
  60. Treasure Ice Block
  61. Outdoor Scavenger Hunt (can use pictures for younger kids)
  62. Hammering Golf Tees into Styrofoam Block
  63. Go beachcombing and collect items to put in jar at home
  64. While you're at the beach, try stone stacking (great STEAM activity)
  65. Make Seasonal Crafts
  66. Paper Bag Puppets
  67. Watch a special movie and make popcorn
  68. Go to the theatre
  69. Ice Skating
  70. Swimming
  71. Gymnastics/Gym Time
  72. Bowling
  73. Visit the Animal Shelter/Walk Dogs
  74. Make Glittery Playdoh
  75. Bake Muffins or Cookies
  76. Have a Picnic (indoors or out!)
  77. Have a Tea Party
  78. Visit Friends/Family
  79. Plant a veggie garden or flowers
  80. Lemonade Stand/Hot Chocolate Stand
  81. Go to the Library
  82. Camp in the livingroom or backyard
  83. Wash the car or make a car wash for the toys
  84. Make Windchimes
  85. Draw sidewalk chalk mazes or roads for toy cars
  86. Have a spa day at home/make face masks
  87. Catch Bugs
  88. Paint with vegetables & fruit (brocolli, celery, apples...)
  89. Make Pinwheels
  90. Make a play garden for kids (don't forget the bug habitat!)
  91. Create Friendship Bracelet Kit
  92. DIY Birdfeeders
  93. Make Jumbo Paperclip Bookmarks
  94. PVC Water Sprinkler Fun
  95. Make a Pen Pal Kit
  96. Make a Space Rocket
  97. Make Windsocks
  98. Make Paper Flowers
  99. Read Inside a Fort
  100. Camp Inside or in the Backyard
  101. Make a kid-size cleaning caddy & clean! (my kids love cleaning windows with a spray bottle filled with vinegar and water!)
  102. Create mini activity kits or busy bags (great for travelling)
  103. Bubble Painting
  104. Make a Recycling Craft
  105. Sandbox Fun - build a sandcastle or build a construction site (great ideas here!)
  106. Conduct a science experiment
  107. Go out for Ice Cream/Treat
  108. Check out local activities (i.e. Butterfly World)
  109. Indoor Bowling
  110. Craft a Seasonal Centrepiece
  111. Outdoor Water Wall for Kids
  112. Make an outdoor kitchen for kids
  113. Mystery touch and feel game (we love doing this! Blindfold kids, add fun things in bowls, and have them try and guess what it is)
  114. Mystery Food Game - taste or smell (same as above but with food)
  115. Make a hall obstacle course using party streamers
  116. Blow Bubbles
  117. Water Balloons
  118. Make quicksand goo/oobleck (cornstarch & water)
  119. Fill out madlibs
  120. Make snow ice cream (lots of fresh snow + heavy cream + sugar + vanilla)

I'd love to know what are some activities you like doing with your kids?

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