School Lunch Ideas & Tips for Kids - Free Printables

School Lunch Ideas for Kids free printables by Ellabella Designs

With school about to start here and with us now having three kids to pack school lunches for 5 days a week, having a list of easy lunch ideas is crucial to help get through the hustle and bustle of those mornings!

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Packing healthy school lunches have been a habit since our kids went to pre-school where they only allowed healthy, low-sugar foods and water to drink.

However, my son is now asking for a treat in his lunch box (he is going into grade 4). I will now surprise him with a treat maybe once a week, such as a Bear Claw cookie or some homemade chocolate banana bread - everything in moderation, right?

Here are some ideas on helping you create healthy school lunches for your kids!


A list of easy lunch ideas your kids like and prepping them in advance is crucial to helping you get through the hustle and bustle of those busy school mornings and will save you so much time! Try prepping school lunches on Sundays for the week ahead.

We like to have a well-balanced lunch box for our kids which includes lots of fruits and vegetables, a little grain, protein, a healthy snack, and water is always the drink of choice for us.

Include food from each of the food groups for a balanced meal, this will provide kids with sustained energy and making sure they are well-nourished and energized for learning.

A lunch for kids should include:
  • Whole grains (breads, crackers, pasta...)
  • Protein (milk, cheese, yogurt, lean meat, beans, eggs...)
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Good fat (nuts, peanut butter...)
  • An occasional treat
  • Water


Having the right supplies and having them easily accessible will make things so much easier when packing lunches! We use a pull-out basket in our cupboard for water bottles and insulated lunch kits and containers.

Lunch Box Supply Kit:

School Lunch Ideas for Kids free printables by Ellabella Designs


  • Taking the time to pack lunches the night before will minimize the morning rush and ensure healthy options are chosen. (Setting up the table for breakfast helps, too!)
  • You can choose to freeze their water bottles the night before so they double as ice packs. Or you can also freeze smoothies in a reusable squeeze tube!
  • Offer a variety of foods throughout the week and involve the kids in the packing process! They’ll learn about healthy eating and be more likely to eat the foods they chose.
  • To keep apples from browning, simply dip the slices in lemon juice before packing them into the lunch. The mild acidity of the juice keeps them from browning.


I have designed a school lunch printable pack filled with lots of ideas for you!

The printable pack includes:
  • School Lunch Ideas
  • A blank School Lunch Ideas printable is also included so you can add your own lunch ideas your kids will love
  • Healthy Eating Tips for Kids
  • Lunch Box Planner Calendar
  • Lunch Box Notes for Kids
School Lunch Ideas for Kids free printables by Ellabella Designs
Print them out and keep it handy so you can have fun lunch ideas to make easily! I love to keep my School Lunch Ideas for Kids printable attached to the inside of a kitchen cupboard!

I hope I inspired you with some easy and healthy lunch ideas while also encouraging kids to make healthy choices. You can even choose to let your child do the picking and packing!

Remember, use these ideas as inspiration and modify as needed. If your kids don't like ham, use pepperoni or chicken instead! If they hate melons but love apples, feel free to change it up! It's all about packing what your kids like so they are sure to eat it. 

What are some of your kids' favorite school lunches? How do you pack lunches in your house? I'd love it if you shared some of your ideas as well!

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School Lunch Ideas for Kids free printables by Ellabella Designs
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