Construction Theme 3rd Birthday Cupcakes! DO NOT DELETE (FWD)

My boy sure knows how to party!!  He celebrated his birthday not once, but twice!  Lucky guy!  I posted yesterday about his Construction Themed 3rd Birthday Party; that was his family party which was held on his actual birthday.

UPDATE: Lee's 3rd construction birthday cake is posted here!!

Construction Theme 3rd Birthday Cupcakes
Construction Theme 3rd Birthday Cupcakes

The weekend before, he had a special party with a few of his little friends at a local place with a great indoor playing structure. However, not 15 minutes into the party the electricity cuts out due to the storm we were having at the time. This was a huge disappointment, but one of the Mum's suggested trying McDonald's as they have a small playing structure inside. So we packed everything up and headed on over in the wind and pouring rain! We made the best of it and the kids had fun!

Instead of making a cake for both parties, I decided to make Construction Themed Birthday Cupcakes using miniature versions of the big cake I had in mind for his family party.

The cupcakes were topped with a chocolate icing "dirt pile" on one side and grass on the other then I sprinkled "dirt" cookie crumbs over the top and added chocolate rock candies!  YUM!

Construction Theme 3rd Birthday Cupcakes
Construction Theme 3rd Birthday Cupcakes

The three tiered tray was fitted with handcut yellow cardstock with black stripes and a sign made with my Silhouette machine reading DANGER!  LEE TURNING THREE!  It was topped with a personalized road sign with the number 3.  I also printed off lots of little road signs to decorate throughout the tiers.

Construction Theme 3rd Birthday Cupcakes
Construction Theme 3rd Birthday Cupcakes

UPDATE: Lee's 3rd construction birthday cake is posted here!!

Check out the Thomas the Tank Engine birthday party theme I did for his 2nd Birthday last year!

Sometimes having to make two cakes for two parties is a bit much; but I do enjoy it!  Am I the only one that has two separate birthday parties for my kids, one family and one friends?  What do you do?


  1. Oh I love these cupcakes...they look so yum!!
    We tend to combine family and friends for the party - but have a family (e.g. grandparents, aunty, cousins etc) dinner on their actual birthdays. I'm re-thinking what I'm going to do this year though - my daughter turns 3 in March and I'm thinking of just a few friends from childcare for a very small party - and then family dinner.


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