Kids Chore Chart Idea With Reward System

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UPDATE: Click here for an updated Kids Chore Chart version!

We were trying to figure out a fun way to get Ella doing more chores around the house, so what better way to get her more excited about her chores than a fun chore chart!

Let me first just say that she loves to help with the chores, especially cleaning the windows and the bathrooms!  Even our 2-year-old son likes to get in on the window cleaning action and they both just love to vacuum!!  But I will hold off on his chore chart for a while!  He's more likely to get a potty chart!  lol!

I made a chart in MS Excel and kept the chore boxes empty so I can easily change chore lists if need be (I had the chart laminated).  I also printed clip art crowns, which I had laminated as well.  The idea is that once she completes a chore, she can attach the crown to the square.  I will likely hang up this chore chart in the kitchen underneath our family calendar.

We also have a new reward system for Ella which implements stickers (and seems to work somewhat!), so I am thinking that if she has all of her crowns up for each day, she will receive a sticker on her calendar.  Once she hits 10 stickers, she will be allowed a "reward."

This is all still very new for us, and still figuring out what works and what doesn't.  We are still trying to figure out the rewards as well.  I will eventually make up "coupons" or "tickets" and have her choose her reward that way.  We're not sure if we'll make each reward "worth" 10 stickers or have some that are worth more and that way she can save up her stickers for certain rewards.

I have thought about all of the things she loves to do and here are some reward options I have come up with.  I understand that the reward system doesn't work for everyone, but again, it's what works for US that matters and she finds it so much fun to do!  And I'm all about having fun!!  :-)

* Crafting with Mummy (one of her very favorite things to do!)
* Swimming
* New (inexpensive) Toy [I may have some on hand like I do with the birthday gifts]
* Rent Movie
* Go see a movie at the theatre
* Bowling
* Cyber City
* Treat
* 15 minute delay of bedtime
* Game Time
* Skip one chore
* Shopping at Claire's
* Out for a treat
* Baking with Mummy
* Arcade Game Fun
* Playdate party!
* Girl's Day
* Tea Party

UPDATE:  Click here for an updated Kids Chore Chart version and another free printable chore chart!

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