Ariel Mermaid Rainbow Birthday Party

My daughter's birthday was at the beginning of the month and I promised you I'd share the cakes I made for her family party & friends party!

Ariel Mermaid Rainbow Birthday Party by Ellabella Designs
Rainbow Ariel Birthday Party Cakes
She had requested a rainbow cake for her family party and my first thought was to do a 7-layer cake, each a color of the rainbow. Unfortunately, I had some health issues prior to her birthday and wasn't able to spend that much time on her cake.

This is a 9" round two layer vanilla cake with the yummiest buttercream icing & white chocolate pudding filling.  I added piping gel to the icing for a shiny look and used my star tips to make the rainbow and the star border.

I love Wilton's 'gel' icing colors!!  I will never go back to using the liquid drops! The colors are so spectacular and it does not change the texture of the icing.

I actually added some of the icing colors to the cake batter by dragging a toothpick around the circle starting with red at the outside and working towards the center using the colors of the rainbow.  So when the cake was cut, you could see all of the different colors!  (Sorry, I didn't get a photo of that.)

As per Ella's request, I had to add marshmallows to the cake, so I thought they'd look good in the clouds!  The absolutely hardest part about this cake, and all others I have made, is the lettering!!  I must buy me some lettering stencils!  The whole cake took a bit longer to decorate than I had thought, but Ella was delighted which makes me happy!!  :-)

Ariel Mermaid Rainbow Birthday Party by Ellabella Designs

The cake for her party with her friends was an Ariel themed birthday cake.  I admit I could have done a much better job, but it always takes so much longer to decorate than anticipated!

Ariel Mermaid Rainbow Birthday Party by Ellabella Designs
Rainbow Ariel Birthday Party Cakes

I didn't get a chance to take a picture of it before being transported to the gymnastics school, so the "sand" is all over the place, but I suppose it just adds to the feel of the cake!  ;-)

This is a double-layer cake, half vanilla and half chocolate with buttercream icing and white chocolate pudding filling.

I broke out the piping gel again, but this time I just skimmed some on top of the blue "sea" for a shiny look.  I had Ariel sitting on a rock that had been brought home from the beach at some point!  The trees are from a Dora-themed birthday cake for her 2nd birthday party; which I have used quite often, actually, and the sand is graham cracker crumbs.

Ariel Mermaid Rainbow Birthday Party by Ellabella Designs

Do you like baking or making cakes?  I have found that a good cake is hard to come by, at least here in my small town!  So I started to make my own and have had a fun frustrating time coming up with just the right cake recipe (moist and not too sweet) and buttercream icing.  Though I have the icing down pat now, but I am still trying to find the perfect cake recipe!  ;-)

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  1. Beautiful cakes Ann!! I've been playing with hand decorated cakes for our last few birthdays and am having so much fun with it! Ariel is very inspiring!


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