"Hoppy Easter" Miniature Paper Basket Set & Spring Wall Art Printables

"Hoppy Easter" Miniature Paper Basket & Card

With Easter just around the corner, I designed this cute Easter paper set for the kids to make and decorate!

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I am just loving how this cute "Hoppy Easter" mini paper basket and matching greeting mini card turned out! The kids will love making these! Check out some of these cute ones, too!

It is perfect for showcasing their colored Easter egg creations or for stashing some of those mini chocolate eggs!

I didn't take photos while I made this, but here are some simple step-by-step instructions if you want to make your own!


1. Trim patterned paper to 6" x 6" and score at 2" and 4", rotate and score again at the 2" and 4" mark.

If you want a larger basket, you could either use 9" x 9" paper and score at 3" and 6" or 12" x 12" paper and score at 4" and 8".

2. Cut a long, thin piece of colored cardstock paper for the handle and punch a hole about an inch from the ends.

3. Fold along the scored lines of your square paper and cut on the lines shown in red on the diagram above.

5. Hold the uncut sides and fold together. Fold the outside flaps over the centre square. For an angled basket, like mine shown above, fold the two corner squares so they overlap each other and the centre square on the side of the basket. Keeping the centre square on the inside.

6. Using a paper piercer or a small paper punch, pierce a hole, place the handle inside of the basket, and insert a brad through all of the layers.

7. Fill with shredded paper and mini eggs.

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  1. you are right Easter is VERY soon I am glad I am glad I popped by to your lovely blog


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