Christmas Photo Coaster Magnets Gift Idea

I've been busy, busy, busy in the studio creating lots of wonderful custom gift scrapbooking albums and mini coaster magnets! 

Here are a few of the mini 4"x4" coaster magnets I've made; this is a great project to use up your little bits of scrap papers! They fit wallet size photos perfectly! I make these up every year for the Grandparents, Aunts/Uncles, and us!  :-)  

Christmas Photo Coaster Magnets Gift Idea
Christmas Photo Coaster Magnets Gift Idea

I figure eventually once I have enough, I will remove the magnets, cover the back with cardstock (add a journalling block perhaps), and create a mini scrapbook album using the Bind-It-All or punch out a corner and use a binder ring!

How do I get wallet sized photos without printing off a whole sheet?


  • Using a photo editing program (I use Adobe Photoshop Elements), create a blank 4"x6" canvas
  • Drag your photos into Photoshop Elements and reduce the size of your photos to 2"x3"
  • Move them onto the canvas and save as a .jpg
  • You can then upload the .jpg to a photo developing site (I use Costco) and print as a 4"x6" image!!  

Voila!  You  have two wallet sized photos!!  (You can do this for 5"x7", 8"x10", etc.)

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