Ella's 8th Birthday Portraits

Each year, I like to take the kids outside for their birthday portraits.  From day one, we decided to do them ourselves, as we find being in a studio limiting and can also be quite stressful for the kids (not to mention we feel like we've been robbed!!).  Since Lee's birthday is in the middle of winter, we thought we'd try going to a studio for his 2nd birthday portraits, then we remembered why we don't like the studios!

We live in a very beautiful & scenic city, so why not take advantage of that!?  I love scouting out new locations for our photo shoots!  This year, Ella wanted to go back to the park we went to last year with the fields of gorgeous wildflowers.  Unfortunately, this year we were just a tad too late; but we still ended up with great shots and there were still some wildflowers waiting to be picked, which made a beautiful boquet!

Without further ado, here are some of the best shots of the day...

I am still learning how to edit my photos, and am taking a free online course from Jessica Sprague!  I am learning a lot and I am loving the digital world so much that I may never go back to paper scrapbooking!!  Did I really just say that!?  One of my favorite things to do with our photos is making photobooks!

Are you a traditional paper scrapbooker, or are you into the digital era?

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