Lee's First Lego Creation & Drawing!

Thought I'd pop in to show you Lee's very first Lego creation he built all by himself (with the small lego!).  He was so proud of himself and I must say he did a pretty good job at stacking the lego to make his car.  Love the window & check out the faucet on top, too!!  :-)  So cute!

I have a large white board as part of Ella's homework station and both of the kids just love to draw and doodle on it!  So one day Lee called me in to see his drawing!  He's never been that much into art, crafts, coloring or drawing like his older sister was at his age (Ella was (still is) so into it that she'd be painting her arms!!); so this was his first "real" drawing (besides a face).

This is Thomas the Tank Engine that he coupled to something!?  And he even completed the drawing with Thomas' number "1."  He drew this in orange as it is his favorite color; and looks like my boy may be a lefty like his father!  :-)

How about your kids?  What are their favorite activities at the moment?  What have they created lately?  Would love it if you shared!

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