Things to Do With a Toddler - Water Table!

Most days Everyday I have a hard time trying to keep my almost three year old busy!  He has always been super active, so I sometimes have a hard time keeping up with him!  I have been doing a lot of searching on the internet for ideas (see my Pinterest Boards here) and have finally decided that this is the year I will implement more fun, more education & more meaningful play.  Since his birthday is in January, he won't be starting kindergarten for another 2 1/2 years; so I must find ways to help keep our days busy!

Today Lee is having a blast with the water table I set up for him.  I really didn't have much to put in as it was just a spir-of-the-moment idea, but he is having so much fun with it and I love watching him use his imagination.  I do have an outside water table for the kids, but it's just too cold to play with it outside this time of year!  Brrrr!

I started off with our sensory bin and added warm water with some soap bubbles; the bubbles don't last too long, but it's always fun to start off with a bunch of bubbles!!  I cleaned off the water wheel from the outside water table, and added some measuring cups, a pitcher & a cup from their play kitchen, a mini ladle and a few other items to make it a bit more interesting including some decorative rock I've had sitting around for years!

After that it was tool time, then we had to grab a healthy snack, then back at playing with building blocks this time!

I hope you are having a wonderful day!  If you have children, what activities do you like to do with them?


  1. Hi thanks for the idea...I am home with my own just-turned 5 year old and several toddlers in my daycare. With the weather finally cold today, we were looking for something fun to do. I am doing this today! Have a great afternoon!

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  3. scrapforsanity - You are very welcome, thank you for the comment. I hope the kids had fun! :)


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