Construction Theme 3rd Birthday Party

My "little baby" turned three today!!  So bittersweet for me!

Since he is in love with large machinery, I decided that this year we would have a construction birthday party theme for him!

I scoured the internet for weeks trying to find some great cake ideas.  I started this Pinterest board for that purpose; and boy were there ever tons of ideas out there!

Here is the cake and the Birthday Boy in all his glory!

Construction Theme 3rd Birthday Party
Construction Theme 3rd Birthday Party

As for the construction birthday decorations, I could have easily went crazy with beautiful printables or making my own banner, etc., (like I usually do!), but with my husband away the week leading up to the party and my daughter ill, I figured I'd just go with a basic birthday banner, balloons, black/yellow streamers, some stray traffic cones and construction decoration pieces from the local party supply store.

And what was most important was that my son loved it, he didn't care if Mummy made it or not!

Construction Theme 3rd Birthday Party
Construction Theme 3rd Birthday Party
Sorry I couldn't share more photos!  I was much too busy to take many photos, and the ones my husband snapped with our simple point-and-shoot turned out very poorly.

UPDATE:  Lee's 3rd Construction Birthday Party cupcakes  are posted here!!

Check out the Thomas the Tank Engine birthday party theme I did for his 2nd Birthday last year!

What themes have you done for your children?  Which were their favorites?


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