Organizing a Homework Station for Kids

UPDATE: See our updated kids homework station by clicking here!

Now that my daughter is in Grade 2, she is required to do homework.  So to keep things organized I have created a mini homework station for her.

To start, I have found an old white board I used as part of my own homework station when I went to college (the poor old board is showing its age!).

I am a visual learner and I found it helped me tremendously!  So I thought I would bring it back out and try it with my daughter for her school homework.

Organizing a Homework Station for Kids
Organizing a Homework Station for Kids - White Board

She has spelling tests each week, so I use the white board to write out her spelling words.  I use multiple colors of markers to break down the word, this works especially well if the word is a compound word.  One of the goals is that she will visualize the board during her tests and be able to recall the spelling of the words.

This is how I help Ella practice her spelling homework using the white board:
  • Print out the words on the white board (use multiple colors if desired)
  • Ella practices writing out the words beside my printed words
  • Ella makes a sentence using the word (we do this for each word)
  • Ella underlines the word in each sentence
  • Optional: Create story to write on the white board using all of the words from the spelling test
  • Erase board and do a mock spelling test
  • Work on words that she needs help with (this is where I go to town using multiple color markers!)
Making up a short story is entirely optional, and we don't do it all of the time.  But Ella just loves it when we make up stories for her!  And I love that she illustrates the story at the bottom of the white board.
Organizing a Homework Station for Kids
Organizing a Homework Station - Lee's Turn!
Lee had to get in on the action as well!  Turns out that the white board is a fun playtime activity for both of them!  They love to draw and erase; and I have used it to help with Ella's reading.  She is having difficulties with reading so sometimes I will craft up a story on the white board and she will illustrate it!  It's great fun!

Organizing a Homework Station for Kids
Organizing a Homework Station for Kids - White Board Play!
The other thing I have organized for her is a designated basket filled with her library books, workbooks & flashcards, which lives in the family room.  It is very important that she reads every day and to have the basket available to her at any time is really important!  It also is a great place to corral all of the library books so I'm not searching the house to find a book when it's time to return them!

Organizing a Homework Station for Kids - Book Basket
I am most definitely not a trained educator in any way, shape or form; I am just sharing my tips that I have found work for us.

UPDATE:  See our updated kids homework station by clicking here!

I would love it if you shared any tips or tricks you have with helping kids with homework!  Especially reading!  Does your child have a homework "station"?  What have you found that works for your child?

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