Creative Scrapbook Craft Organizing Tour Part 4 of 4

Here is the 4th and final part of my Creative Scrapbook Room Tour series!!  Many thanks for sticking with me!!

I have to say that I am as busy as ever these days with family life but I have also been dealing with health issues for quite some time now, so have just not felt up to doing much other than surviving!

However, I have been trying to get a grasp on time management skills and will hopefully be devoting some of my spare time to useful hobbies once again which I hope will bring me more fulfillment.

At this point, I am getting "back to basics" with scrapbooking, which for me includes a photo album and journalling blocks. :) This way I am printing the photos and getting them in albums; the kids just love looking through the photos and they bring back so many great memories!

But, without further ado, here is the 4th and final part of my Scrapbook Room Tour:

Creative Scrapbook Craft Organizing
Creative Scrapbook Craft Organizing

This is where it all happens!!

My husband made the "hutch" including a light under the shelf.  It feels a little boxy for me, but it works for now.  And I'm not sure I like the white board there anymore, my goal is to make a huge quilted memo ribbon board along the back.

I love my Making Memories spinner organizer as well as my "spice rack" spinner where I hold all of my bits and pieces including metal charms, brads, etc!

The basket on the top shelf holds some of my many mini albums and on the other end, I have a magazine stand which holds my most recent scrapbook pages.

And I just love the spinner (in the corner to the right)!  This is another display I decided to keep from the business and it houses my alpha stickers, flowers, rub-ons, chipboard & other packaged embellishments.  LOVE IT!  :)

I really hope you have enjoyed taking a peek into my scrapbook room and hope you gleam some inspiration!  I would love it if you commented below or even shared your scrapbook room with me!! I love to see how other people organize their scrapbooking supplies!

You have just finished reading the final part of my Creative Scrapbook Space Tour series.  Thank you for joining me!!

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