Creative Scrapbook Craft Organizing Tour Part 2 of 4

Welcome to part 2 of a four-part series where I tour your around my Creative Scrapbook SpaceClick here to view series.

This is the hub of the operations!  Ideally the printer would be somewhere other than on top of the desk, as it does get a bit crowded, but I need to work with what I have!  :-)
Creative Scrapbook Craft Organizing Tour Part 2 of 4
Creative Scrapbook Craft Organizing Tour Part 2 of 4

Top of Desk
I have boxes from Ikea on top of the desk storing things like photos, negatives, computer CD's & pre-made gifts.  I also have a basket displaying some of my mini scrapbook albums!  There is also a little stereo/CD player up there, but it doesn't work too well and the sound quality is poor so I'd like to replace that eventually.

This desk is also where I store my address and post supplies, computer paper, and financial info such as banking records, cheque books, etc.  The bills and mail are all kept in magazine holders (again from Ikea) to the right of my desk on top of the kids' toy unit.

I have to say that for a very long time, when I had the business, the mail was just piled up unopened in almost every room!  It was a disaster!  So I finally made up a mail center, which does it's job for now!

Creative Scrapbook Craft Organizing Tour Part 2 of 4
Creative Scrapbook Craft Organizing Tour Part 2 of 4

I also have a basket on my desk which holds papers to be filed, I'm way behind on that!!  Eekk!

Paper Racks
To the left of my desk is where I keep my cardstock and patterned papers.  I love these wire racks, so easy to get to my papers and see what color cardstock I am getting low on.  I find I need to keep my supplies out in the open otherwise I will forget I have them!

Some of the patterned papers are sorted by manufacturer and some are sorted in themes such as school, summer, girly, boy, baby, Halloween, Christmas, etc.

I have a completely empty paper rack beside these two; however, I make up for it with my kit stash (more on that soon!)!!  They were perfect when I had the business, but I'm trying to use my stash not collect stash!!

Well, there you have it!  Thanks for reading!

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