Craft Room Ribbon Organization

Karen and I admit, we have a ribbon addiction!! I have stored my ribbon so many different ways over the years and as my stash grows so does my storage solutions!!

There are many different ways you can organize your ribbon; and we thought we'd share a few storage methods with you & what we currently have our plethora of ribbon stored in!


  • Baggies
  • Ribbon Cards
  • Jars
  • Spools (stored in baskets or hung on dowel rack)
  • Clip-it-Up
  • Baskets
  • Pull-EZ Ribbon Storage
  • Ribbon Dispenser Box
  • Wrapped around old-fashioned clothes pegs and displayed in a basket or jar

Zip-Top Baggies
For my ribbons which are not on a spool, I currently have them stored in individual zip-top baggies and clipped together with a binder ring. The ribbon is easy to see and easy to pull out of the bag when needed.

My ribbons which are still on the spool are currently stored in a basket with the ends pinned. I think I would love to get them up on a dowel, but for now they are happy in their basket!

Cardboard Ribbon Cards
I have also stored my ribbon on ribbon cards made from pieces of chipboard/cardboard. Again, with the ends pinned down.

The Pull-EZ is another great way to store your ribbon and easy to carry around and take to crops and retreats!
Clip-It-Up Ribbon Organizer
The makers of Clip-It-Up have come out with a version for ribbon!! The Clip-It-Up Ribbon Organizer by Simply Renee! There is room for your spools as well as clips for your bits of ribbon.

Cropper Hopper Ribbon Spool Drawer
The Cropper Hopper ribbon spool drawer is another great option for spool storage!

Old-fashioned Clothes Pegs
Also, wrap up those smaller pieces of ribbon on old-fashioned clothes pegs and display them in a basket or jar!

Jars or Plastic Containers
Extra bits of ribbon can also be stored in decorative jars or plastic containers; this can make pretty craft room decor.

Here in the studio we have our ribbon stored in a large glass bowl! We love to dig through it to search for the perfect ribbon for our projects! Plus we love the way it looks!

Ribbon Dispenser Box
One fun and decorative way to store your ribbon is to use a ribbon dispenser box!! This looks absolutely lovely in the studio! Buy a ribbon dispenser box and decorate it yourself!

Are you a ribbon-lover? What is your favorite way to store your ribbon?


  1. I store my ribbon on Ribbonring tags. I put three ribbons on each tag. I hang them on the wall and they look great. I use my ribbon all the time since it is always staring in front of me!

    Amber K.

  2. Uggg, my ribbon box is a total mess so I have taken time off of my latest project (a University of TN aline dress for my daughter's first football season) to organize my sewing supplies. Thanks for the great ideas!


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