Scrapbook Studio Craft Room Organizing

The new scrapbooking studio is coming along nicely!! I have pretty much all of my work area complete and organized and ready to tackle new projects! I can't wait to create again, it's been just too long! I can't wait to share with you! :D

Here's a little peek into my new scrapbooking studio...nothing on the walls yet, need to decide what goes where!

Scrapbook Studio Craft Space Organizing
Scrapbook Studio Craft Space Organizing

1. My Work Area
I am loving that my work area is so much bigger and way more organized! Though eventually I'd love to get the Jetmax Modular Storage Cubes!!
2. My published layout beside the Memory Makers' book "601 Great Scrapbook Ideas"

Scrapbook Studio Craft Space Organizing

3. My Fabric Stash
I can't wait to make more of my Quilted French Memory Boards! These are always such a hit and I love making them!

Scrapbook Studio Craft Space Organizing - DIY Quilted Memory Boards
Thanks for looking! :D Hopefully we'll be able to show you more studio peeks in the coming weeks as things progress. Exciting things happening here at EllaBella, stay tuned...!

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